Do you need to deliver ongoing efficiency savings around information management? Do you need to provide consolidated invoicing, minimum points of contact and relevant and timely management information? Are you operating on many operational and technical fronts simultaneously?

What if you could easily meet reporting challenges while controlling costs?

What if you could improve efficiency in working with your specialist suppliers?

Iron Mountain’s IMFM is a full bundled information management service designed to help you which can be as flexible as your client demands.

We offer:

  • Specialist FM industry knowledge – we understand the pressures you are under and can provide information management solutions that help
  • Bundled flexible approach – records management, confidential waste destruction and secure shredding, scanning services and back-up media data protection – we can deliver one, some, or all of these services depending on your clients’ needs
  • Simple operations processes – from account set-up to mobilisation, operational delivery and consolidated invoicing, we bring the efficiencies and clarity that you need
  • Ongoing innovative solutions – our consistent investment means new technical knowledge is always available to bring your clients an information management advantage
  • CSR – in-depth reporting covers all elements of sustainability to help with your CSR objectives
  • Proactive partnership management – assistance with tendering, mobilising contracts and operational support, so your teams get the right help when they need it