In the ever developing world of IT you face the challenge of controlling information in a secure and safe way whilst making it easily accessible. You ensure the business continuity of your organisation with secure data management and back-up systems. For more information download a free guide to data protection and disaster recovery.

We can help you..

  • Back up securely off-site
  • Access information quickly
  • Understand how to optimise your information
  • Focus on what’s important

Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain is the global leader in information management and storage.

Over 80% of FTSE 100 companies and more than 140,000 organisations in 39 countries trust us to manage their information. This means you get a local service wherever you are. Industry leading security standards and careful vetting of staff means your information is always secure with us. We can even help you reduce hidden management costs. Organisation, storage, digitisation, data back-up, instant access and secure destruction make up the complete information management service.

Whatever you need

Iron Mountain will work with you to develop the solution that supports your business goals.
Have peace of mind that your back-up tapes are securely stored and available when you need them. We can also help you maximise the value of your information through scanning and digitising services. These services cost less than you might think, making your business more efficient and helping mitigate information risk.

Getting started

Iron Mountain will work with you to develop the solution for you. We can help your business balance access, security and cost to suit your specific business needs. This service costs less than you might think and will benefit your business in many ways by freeing up space and time. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is in safe hands.